Event FAQ

Q: What is BYOC? 

A: BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer. At a BYOC event, competitors are expected to bring their PC to use for the tournament they are participating in. We’ll provide you with a desk, chair, Ethernet port, and two power outlets. At registration you will be assigned a desk where you and your team can set up your gear. That is your spot for the weekend from 6PM Friday to 6PM Sunday, and unlike in previous years for Frag, PCs won’t be shared between players. There will be security measures in place to ensure that your gear stays safe, but we also ask you and your teammates to look out for each other’s gear.  

Q: What do I need to bring?  

A: We will provide you with furniture and the ports you need, so bring everything else:  

  • Personal Computer or Laptop 
  • Monitor (NOT TV’s, 27’’ or less in size, no dual/tri monitors) 
  • Peripherals like Mouse, Keyboard, Headset, Mic, and all cables. We will probably have a few extra cables on hand if you forget anything, but don’t rely on that.  

Q: What’s included for a BYOC player?  

  • All spectator benefits  
  • Compete in a two-day BYOC tournament
  • A BYOC spot to play all weekend (6PM Friday to 6PM Sunday), even if you are eliminated
  • Get FFC badge and sponsor lanyard 

Q: It’s my first time at a convention, what should I do? 

  • Wear comfortable clothes & shoes – you’ll probably be walking around a lot.  
  • Stay hydrated, and don’t forget to eat! It’s easy to ignore your body’s signals with so much going on at the event. We’ll have a pub open on site and lots of water available, but consider bringing a water bottle or some snacks too. Please keep your BYOC area clean and avoid open drinks.  
  • Bring cash, and photo ID.  

Don’t forget your phone charger! We will likely have a charging station available as well.